Wide variations

the most suitable type can be selected for each application out of the various kinds of detectors from handheld to on-line types.

High sensitivity & high reliability

small needles and iron pieces can be detected with high sensitivity and trouble free high reliability.


even beginners are able to operate the detectors only by switching on. Needle detections and inspections can be carried out without any complicated adjustments (except for some types).


Detection of strayed needles, pins, nails and fragments of various textiles and industrial products

Detection of needles, snapped needles strayed in sewing products in apparel, Kimono, bedding and so on.

Detection of needles, wires and iron pieces strayed in carpets, textiles, felts, non woven fabrics and other original fabrics.

Detection of needles, pins and stapler needles strayed in food, packed food,medicine, etc.

Medical use such as simplified inspections of X-ray to needle like iron foreign substances, removal of hairpins prior to MRI inspection.

Security use for detection of dangerous weapon in bags such as hand baggage, parcels and gifts

  • Buttons and fasteners which are attached to the articles,must be specially manufactured for needle detectors.
  • Use detecting units in ordinary temperature and less changeable humidity.


Two different kinds of principles
Iron detectors
(magnetic induction method)

When an iron piece (magnetic body) like a needle moves in a permanent magnet, minute charges of electricity are generated in the detecting coil.

By amplifying the electricity and
converting it into lights or sounds,
that causes signals to be transmitted to users.

Iron needles,nails,tacks,rings,cutlery,screws,nuts,etc.can be detected.

Metal detectors
(electromagnetic induction method)

When a metal piece pasts through in the magnetic field of upper and lower coils, electrical changes (distortions) occur in the magnetic field.

By amplifying minute changes of the magnetic field, that causes signals like alarm to be transmitted to users.