Simple choice

Easy measurement of coatings applied to either magnetic or non-magnetic metallic substrates by changing the probe only.

Special electrode

Furthermore accuracy by superprecise special processing in addition to the CVD treatment.

Basic type and
multifunction type

Basic types are aiming at simple and easy-to-use. Multifunction types are dealing with various requests of measurements.

Easy operation

Large and easily readable display with a single glance, very handy key layout, designs by human engineering.

High reliability

Anti-shock structure, special electrodes, long time aging tests and our after-sales service.


Electro-magnetic type probe (Fe type)

This probe is used for non-destructive measurements of the thickness of non-magnetic and non-conductive coatings and linings applied to magnetic metallic substrates (iron, steel, ferrite stainless steel).

Eddy current type probe (NFe type)

This probe is used for non-destructive measurements of the thickness of non-conductive and anodic films applied to non-magnetic metallic substrates (aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, austenitic stainless steel).

  • The meter is high efficiency two points adjustable type and can be applied JIS K 5600, standards, rules used in public or private offices, laboratories, corporations, organizations and also international standards such as ISO 2808, etc.

For magnetic metallic substrates:


Machines, automobiles, ships, bridges, structures, etc.


Resin, tar epoxy,rubber, enamel, sheets, etc.


Zinc, copper, chrome, tin, etc. (excluding electrolytic nickel)


Metallikon, parkerizing, oxide films, spray de-posit coatings, etc.

For non-magnetic metallic substrates:


Aluminum products, housing materials made of aluminum / stainless, machines, tanks, etc.

Anodized coatings

Aluminum products, aluminum sashes, kitchen utensils, appliances, etc.


Machines, parts, chemical plants, etc.