2 poles type for coating/lining on-the-spot site use.


  • Traditional analog meter type ・・ Thickness is intuitively readable.
  • Compact body・・・・ Even more small sized is made. (volume ratio 90% suitable for on-site)
  • 0~5mm wide range ・・・ Available widely to measurement from thin films to linings.
  • Special electrode probe・・Anti-abrasive CVD treatment is performed.
  • Dial cover provided as a standard item・・Avoid misalignment of adjustment points caused by accidental contacts.
    ※This is not for the purpose of protecting drifts of the meter pointer caused by temperature differences or surroundings.


This is an electromagnetic coating thickness meter used for non destructive measurement of thicknesses of non conductive films such as paintings, linings and non magnetic metallic films like plating on the ferrous substrate.

2 point-adjustment system is adopted, conforming to the rules, standards and criteria of the Domestic public organizations, Group organizations, Government and municipal offices, Research institutes and foundations and overseas standards such as ASTM and ISO. ※Including steel, Ferritic stainless steel (SUS430 etc.)

● Paintings (steel structures such as bridges, ships and steel pipes. and automobiles, home steel appliances [refrigerator, washing machine], steel furniture and fixtures.)

● Linings (resin, tar epoxy, rubber, enamel etc.)

● Plating※ (nonmagnetic plating such as Chrome, Zinc, Copper and Tin.) ※ Excluding electrolysis nickel plating

● Metallikon, Parkerizing, Oxide films, Spray deposit films etc.)

● Measurement of resin films/non-magnetic foils (measured on a ferrous basis)


Electromagnetic Type
Measuring object
0~500μm・0.2~5mm (2 line graduations)
Measuring range
Measuring accuracy
±2μm against uniform surface or±5% of reading (whichever is larger)
2-pole type
Electrode Dia.:φ6mm
2-pole's gap 16mm
Electrode: Ultra anti-abrasive with CVD treatment
Power source
Dry batteries (1.5 V) x 6 pcs
Operating temperature
0~40 (w/o condensation)
137 (D) x 50 (H) x 110 (W)
Carrying case, standard plates, Standard plate case, Batteries, Instruction manual