Pinhole Detector
Pinhole and Holiday Detectors







When the insulating film(Dielectric) having a small penetrating hole is placed between the electrodes and the high voltage is loaded in the electrodes, the insulation of the air is broken and the electric current will flow with discharge. Pinholes and holidays are detected with the detector which reacts to the change of the electric current affected on the discharge phenomenon.
Sanko Pinhole and Holiday Detectors detect pinholes, holidays,similar defects, etc. in insulated films applied to a metallic substrate.
Pinholes and holidays remarkably decrease anti-rust and anti-corrosive effects of various insulating films, coatings and linings.
These Detectors microscopically catch various defects, so that pollution, contamination, a loss of resource and energy caused by corrosion,etc. can be previously prevented.
Inspection/test is applied to the following items;
1) Paint coatings of buried pipes used by water, gas and electric public utilities.
2) Linings requiring the chemical resistance of machinery, tanks, pipes and valves of chemical plants.
3) Anti-corrosive paint coatings and linings of ships, ship equipment, coastal and marine installations.
4) Anti-corrosive paint coatings and linings of antipollution equipment etc. dealing with contaminated gases and liquids.
5) Anti-rust and anti-corrosive paint coatings and linings of buildings, structures and machinery installations which are apt to be exposed to various pollution elements.
6) Anti-corrosive paint coatings and linings of porcelain enamel bathtubs, resin coating bathtubs and equipment and machinery in hot spring resorts.
7) Paint coatings and linings of large structures,equipment, etc. needed expensive costs for repairing.
8) Anti-corrosive paint coatings and linings of the important parts constructing precision instruments,electric equipment,etc.
Note: Please contact us for the inspection of rubber linings.
1) These Detectors are high detectable efficient without harm to coatings and linings because of the low frequency pulse discharge and the low current output.
2) Wholly coated area can be also inspected with the indirect grounding.
3) Coated films can be inspected with the suitable voltage for each characteristic, thickness and purpose of detection.
4) As the detecting voltage is displayed on the meter, inspection errors caused by the excessive or the insufficient voltage can be avoided.
5) Pinholes and defects are alarmed with the buzzer and/ or the lamp by the simple operation only pressing the probe electrode against an object to be examined.
6) These Detectors provide with low current flow, high voltage output circuit and safety remote switch considering the safety of the operation.