Products / Coating Thickness Meter
Measuring method Measuring object
Substrate Coating
Electro-magnetic / Eddy current Magnetic metal (iron, steel, etc.),
Non-magnetic metal (aluminum, copper, etc.)
Non-magnetic coating,
Non-conductive coating
Electro-magnetic Magnetic metal (iron, steel, ferrite stainless steel, etc.) Non-magnetic coating (painting, plating(excluding nickel), resin, etc.)
Eddy current Non-magnetic metal (aluminum, copper, austenitic stainless steel, etc.) Non-conductive coating (painting, resin, anodized coating, etc.)
Related Measuring Instruments
When iron is moved toward or away from a steel core coil, self-inductance changes in accordance with distance and can be read with an ammeter / signal connected as shown in right figure.
This principle is utilized to measure the thickness of non-magnetic surface treated coating on magnetic metallic substrate.
Eddy current:
By utilizing the relativity between eddy current induced on the surface of metal by high frequency field of coil and distance to metal from probe, the thickness of insulating coating applied to non-magnetic metallic substrate can be measured.